New Moon

by Justin Wagner

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A Rush of Real


released November 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Justin Wagner Telford, Pennsylvania

Justin is 30.
Now he is 31.
Now he is 32.

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Track Name: Days Are Gone
I dream of love, basking in the rays of some day
i've had enough of days long spent alone
Days are gone of pain and fear of losing me

I get it, I get it, I get it

Who knows what one wants?
When one wants
who can meet the need of needs?
Days are gone of pain and fear of losing me

I get it, I get it, I get it
Track Name: Blue Moon
Blue Moon, you alone are sleeping
And i am awake beneath your glow
Forgive me not for missing your light and your presence,
Luminously floating in my eye
The Way, The Way is clear in you
The Light, The Light, The Light!

Blemished little soul gonna wash it in your glow gonna never let it go
Living isnt living if the moon is never giving, many the Moon be ever living
Long live the Moon
Track Name: Of a Different Mind
Put yourself in the absence,
freedom, of a different kind, of a different mind
i set 'em away now
love the nothing of something
doing what your body feels, what your body says
I set it away now

World I love you to pieces
freedom, of a different kind, of a different mind
I set em away now
Track Name: Turbulent You
what is it now, what could it be
that makes you think of me
is it the fight?

what trouble you go through to find you here
what trouble is there really to speak of
turbulent you

ill pay you no dues
for what is your debt but weight
needlessly weighing us down

fabrication of imagination
is thus creating masturbation
its abuse
and I dont wanna play
with you

you ask what i think, i think you are broken
but i see no value in engaging with you
so mind your tongue, and that finger you point with
for soon you will find its pointing at you, turbulent you
Track Name: One for One
i cut it off today
i just hadn't looked
or had someone look at me

If you live alone
long enough you dont
notice the hair
growing from your nostrils and ears

its good enough
mirror the fire
take one for one
its a clean trade
its a clean trade
Track Name: Aca
i get by without another cuz i love her and she keeps me quite pacified
though its no contractional agreement we just kind of see it some way
so we spend our time together getting better at together, and it grows
and the older we get, the more we touch one another

i get by more than i used to now im used to getting by on my own
and i find im letting you move and we do use what we have as a home
and we work so well together i would never ever sever my ties to you
you just take me as i am and we couldnt give a damn we gonna groove

i got the notion that you just dont like me
god dammit just another chirade
i cant be the man that you want me to be
im just another whos made how hes made its too bad that i
cant shed my skin and be a little akin to that perfection that you got in your eye
i guess i could work harder to live up to expectations...i guess so
yes i am me are you me and we are

you cant go far from where you are rooted
and freedom is based upon these movements
and you are a tree you just dance with the breeze

i paid in time all the mine in a line
i took a trip to another edge of me
i saw inside of my enemy
i saw inside of me
i saw the differences
i saw what keeps me together
what keeps me together
i worked the soil as best i can i wanna be a farmer man
but my plants wont grow
someones been pissing in my garden
someones been pissing in my garden
i think it was me
i want to do things better than before i want to build an empire of
self made worth and soulful verse and make it work for me like i work for it
i hunger like no other
i want to take it places we have never gone before
and im gonna make it weighted by the sacred scars ive fought so hard to ignore
in a world of empty what is the cost of friendship
does purity exist? what is this love speak of
i tried and again and i hide it within
i give only an inch no more what is this giving for?
when you know the empty. maybe its love
so much said of the sun setting and rising sometime again
so much of time but much of it wasted
still found out of the light what is this plight?
maybe its love
Track Name: New Dance
i got a best kept secret and the feeling of emotions make my body shake and sweat
when you touch me with your hands (Reaching for our next)
you got a way you got a mind you got the time and i got mine
and you and i have tried so hard to find a new reason to dance
all along the lonely night
She got a nice idea of what shes doing tonight
gonna walk downtown and step into that light
(she tired of being alone, tired of being alone Tired of being alone)
i Got a nice idea of how im feeling tonight
im gonna fly the norm, and bring a storm to the light
(im tired of being alone, tired of being alone tired of being alone)
by chance do we cross paths, or was it just part of the math
or maybe it is perhaps, were wearing the same mask
(of tired of being alone tired of being alone tired of being alone)
and for ONE sweet moment nothing really matters
and for one sweet moment we are not reminded that were
of tired of being alone tired of being alone tired of being alone)
and when we find we are alone, let us not forget the love we shared
A moment to have for the rest of our lives
to remind us that we arent alone out there
no i wont forget the light, no ill never forget this night
Track Name: Honey
money moves and money talk
ask yourself now whos your god
shaking hands with the devil in the broad day light
gotta stand before you fall
you can still forsake it all
save your soul from the devil in the night
our lives, Money Money
eat the shit while we sniff for honey
make the best of the rest of whats coming to you
Say a prayer and make a wish
swear by one then make a switch
you create the devil in your life
you want freedom you want peace?
you wont even last a week
soon youll be back trading your time away
dont give a shit, you should give it all
read the writing on the wall
free yourself from the life you have come to know
Track Name: Mixing In The Night
i hate, to think, that love is wasted here (hours before the sun)
i hate to think that we are done (hours before the sun)
i hate to think that anything bad can happen (hours before the sun)
a wish a dream a hope and a prayer here (hours before the sun)

Take the light, upon your skin, cut the curve in the night
of the bright and lonely moon, covering you, were alone, now
speak to me

ours is a mix of emotion and lust, chasing one another,
mixing the light in the night
right beside our broken down dreams, we found ourselves,
mixing in the night

Take the light, upon your skin, cut the curve in the night
of the bright and lonely moon, covering you, were alone, now
speak to me

Take the light, upon your skin, cut the curve in the night
of the bright and lonely moon, covering you, were alone, now
speak to me
Track Name: Cruelest Truth
babies born on a fresh new day
washing a way
the sorrow
soon the cloud dissapear
if just for this moment
its worth all the pain in this life

my hands, in my hands i hold the key
in my hands, in my hand i hold the key
sooner than you wish you say goodbye
there is never enough time

isnt it enough to have to feel
to let a love one go?
where is the light when all we see is darkness
who will lend a hand, or a shoulder for all of humanity
to lean on
we are tired of living, we are tired of fighting
we are tired of dying
were tired of letting go
were tired of letting go
why must every beginning have an end
cruelest truth of all
Track Name: Rigged
I thought I knew enough
To make it thru it all, but im learning
its news everyday, im learning the way
i thought i knew enough...
i thought i knew enough...

and sometimes i break down and make the best of it

dont care to know enough cuz i like when i break!
i know enough, i know enough, i know enouuuuuggghh